FMP-2_05 ↓ The Mouse or Nothing

While I sketched up my last idea, I had two words in mind – Materialize and Decentralize. Indeed, I’m materializing gestures into physical objects. And yes, I’m purposely decentralizing them as a critique against the over-functional screen, where you can basically do everything – even coffee! (Technically it’s not the screen but the phone case there, but you got the gist) ↓

I wanted my gestural objects to be rather straightforward, so I’m going back to the basics. Every gestures I’m materializing are basically taken apart from the mechanical computer mouse. Hence – How To (Web-)Surf w/ a Broken Mouse?  ↓

So I have the wheel, the pedal and the ball board. I did some quick research about the history of each, as I’m trying to further down their concepts. I also found a pretty trippy explanatory video about how the mechanical mouse actually works ↓

And a chronology of the mouse (in French, sorry but images are enough) →

As for the content and following up what I wrote last time about the sense of discovery, I thought about what platform I actually liked to spend time on. Youtube is a great choice, yet to confirm though – what would the objects bring in term of navigation? I’m thinking of the meaning that I want to give to the gestures / objects: the wheel will scroll back in time, and the board will move around by geolocalisation.

Problem I have is that as I’m looking into the API, it’s actually harder than expected to produce the results that I want (the use of time and geolocalisation are pretty tricky). I can’t seem to use the criterias of search without typing any key words, but I don’t want to alter the results with my own idea of Youtube. In that instance, I found this Random Youtube website that does that job. 🙃

The pedals also definitely don’t bring anything much, except PAUSE and NEXT. I really oughta re-think about that, my project is starting to look like the next WiiMote. 😅 I also thought about an exhibition system where the screen wouldn’t be too obvious so not as distracting – the idea of its lying on the ground remains. A projection would be too big and also distract the attention, while I want that attention full on the objects, and the sense of discovery to come while you peek at the box-iPad.

Even though I’m still unsure about the feasibility of the content, my research is also evolving through my practice – hence it’s about time I get to physical-prototyping. I borrowed a potentiometer for the wheel, and two buttons for the pedals. Gareth advised me to use a gyroscope sensor for the ball board – it won’t actually detect the ball but the board’s movements, basically giving out the illusion it’s the ball being detected.

Last week’s suggestion was that I will exclusively focus on the mechanical part, but I have a hard time visualizing my project without its content. However, I really can’t seem to bring out anything truly satisfying – my frustration is talking here. Tomorrow I have tutorials, let’s see how it’s gonna turn out.

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