FMP-2_07 ↓ The Glossy or Nothing

It’s coming together ↓

I finalized the technical plan as you can see below, and delivered the final concept. I do feel it actually didn’t change much since the beginning – there were lot of iterations on the form though, and it did influence my content, but the content was anyhow the biggest challenge. Both parts had to be at the same time, in fact.

For the last part, I want to concentrate on the finishing touches. I want to not only think about the aesthetics, but also on their meanings. I recall I had a talk with Nicolas the other day about the physicality of the Internet, and its visual do matter. The screen is always produced as being glossy and shiny, and smartphones are often presented as objects of desire and are appealing. I want to challenge that ambiguity with my objects, being painted in black. [Because the screen is, well, black.]

Plus, instead of fabricating objects by myself as it was the case with the last sketch, I thought it would make much sense to use existing objects and hijack their functions – I was worried about the lack of meaning of my objects if I did fabricate them from scratch. I did hesitate though because of the eventual lack of visual coherence between the objects, but I will smoother everything out with the finish – aka the black paint. I still don’t want it to look to recycling my garage, ah. There would be different kind of black tones, I think – depending on the material I’m painting on. I’m also looking into an eventual cable color coding to add some peps to my “composition” – it’s actually a suggestion from my friend Osama.

I don’t know if I can call that scenography even, but I want to organize and layout my objects almost like I would practice graphic design within a grid, in fact. This is pretty important to me as a long-time practitioner, plus the fact that I also want to deliver a message with the overview installation. It’s also definitely inspired by surrealist and pataphysics installations and sculptures. With that in mind, I might be past the kitschy look I was a little afraid of.

Here are the mindmap for this time ↓

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