FMP-2_8 ↓ The Concept or Nothing


Sketch Content 3 → I’m thinking of which newsfeed is the most interesting to extract.

Sketch Content 4 → GIFs always get to you. But I feel it isn’t doing anything much in terms of content for my project.

Arduino Prototype 2 → In the end, I focused on Reddit. I used their API and an infinite scroll script. The sub Shower Thoughts is pretty fun and fits my idea of the silly yet interesting web. Plus, I can easily adapt the CSS to fit the page to my visual concept.

The circuits were pretty straightforward to set-up as I already did some testing beforehand. I used the Mouse and Keyboard library of Arduino. Advised to be extra careful while uploading any code, I crashed my MBP a few times because it wouldn’t stop clicking… There might be some sorts of issues with the click, so I maybe won’t use it in the final version.

I guess it’s the last technical and concept plan…?

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