FMP-2_9 ↓ The Making or Nothing


In the last weeks, I was focused on the making solely. To do lists are vital!

Here are some pictures of the globe and the wheel part ↓

FMP-2_9 ↓ The Making or Nothing 5

Time to laser-cut the structure for the globe. The difficulty was the joints’ plan so that the structure itself doesn’t require any screwing.

FMP-2_9 ↓ The Making or Nothing 4

Now it is assembled and standing. The plastic ball I bought fits perfectly, and the only thing left to do is put the gyroscope sensor for its to work.

FMP-2_9 ↓ The Making or Nothing 3

I bought a wheel. The only solution I’ve found to connect its to the rotary encoder I’m using was to print a tube around the screw. I first 3D printed a tube to fit the screw, but the small part you can see on the top wasn’t fit enough to the rotary.

FMP-2_9 ↓ The Making or Nothing 1

Therefore, I thought of printing another tube that englobe both the first tube and the rotary.

FMP-2_9 ↓ The Making or Nothing 2

The inside is divided in two parts: one to fit the rotary, and one to fit the first tube I printed around the wheel’s screw.

FMP-2_9 ↓ The Making or NothingI guess it’s clearer with an actual picture of the rotary. At that time, it’s my second or third try? The print still wasn’t stable and straight, I missed it by barely 0.1 mm…! Anyways, it worked out in the end.

The tasks left to do are the pedals part and the painting. Gogogo.

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