FMP-2_10 ↓ The Assessment or Nothing

[EDITED] (This is the PREVIEW video, the final version is yet to be edited but should come soon!)

HOW TO – SURF WITH A MOUSE reveals the uncertainty behind (web-)surfing by materialising the mechanical mouse’s actions into tangible objects. These exaggerated objects covered in black symbolize the desire we seek in the glossy screen, while drawing the ambiguity between their anti-affordance and the context they are being re-used for. The physicality they add contrasts with the flatness of the screen and its gestural limitations. Let’s scroll, click, and move around, then. But, the question is – do we still actually (web-)surf? The genuine exploratory use of the Internet has been overshadowed by the never-ending feed and its algorithmic takeover. That’s why HOW TO – SURF WITH A MOUSE aims to layout the absurdity yet still exploratory aspect of digital culture, and its relationship with the addictiveness yet physicality of the gestures used.

The three objects, the sound, and the web, all is fairly finished and combined here. The objects are all painted in glossy black, I might spray another layer before the show though. I changed the CSS of the webpage to add a light cursor that fit the ‘discovery’ effect I wanted. You can see it here. The sounds are sampled via MAX/MSP (although edited through this video).

Here is my PE with all the research combined ↓

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