It’s been a while.

I’m starting a new piece as part of my EUCIDA residency at RUA Red, and thought it would be good to document the process.

After my works DO IT RIGHT, DO IT SLOW, and HOW TO… SURF WITH A MOUSE, I wanted to do a third and final (?) piece to this series I’d like to call SUBLIME GESTURES.

My focus will be on the pull-to-refresh gesture, and intertwining links between addiction and meditation. Thinking of an example of materialisation, I had in mind casinos environments and these pull-over handle machines. Thus, I went to one recently as part of this research, and observed how people interacted. The last time I entered one was 10 years ago, and I could only remember buttons and handles. Now, almost all of the machines got touchscreens, allowing very little movement to the users.

I found the sound experience to be quite interesting — buzzing at first, but quite calming with its almost like lo-fi quality to its.

This is approximately where I was at before beginning my residency. Now, I had a great first week being in a time-space where I can fully focus on my practice, and there are a lot of elements I’ve been wanting to back at — in terms of forms, functions and process.

Here are a few sketches and ideas, in same old mapping style.


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