FMP-1_01 ↓ Reverse Engineering Task

We started FMP – aka Final Major Project – tutorials. Prior to that, we were given a Reverse Engineering task in order to practice writing proposals.

I can’t say I’m sure about my FMP directions yet. Still, I’m pretty interested by topics such as globalization through the age of Internet. While researching what type of works have been done related to this topic, I stumbled across the project Homogenizing and Transforming World by teamLab — hence my choice for the Reverse Engineering task.

Though I’m saying I’m interested by globalization by scoping it through Internet — assuming it has been influenced by it, this topic still stays super large. To be honest, I don’t have any idea where to handle it at the moment. And I wouldn’t say it’s a joyful topic to treat, as I neither don’t want to fall (too much) into that heavy (this system is ruining our lives!) / guilty (we all are!) / dark (say no to globalization!) vibes type of project.

That’s why I think teamLab managed to convey an experience I would qualify as sensible — while the topic still got an efficient didactic kind of unfolding definition. Watch for yourself, followed by the task:


Homogenizing and Transforming World

Field of Study:

I want to study the globalization of the world at the age of Internet, esp. the question of cultural uniformity through it. My aim would be to create an interaction that permits the audience to understand the effect of globalization at his/her level as an full actor of its spectrum.


The Internet is a key factor to understand the globalization in recent years. If the globalization started by the fair trades between markets, its consequences expanded to communications tools and eventually medias, and thus affected popular culture.


Although the Internet has significantly broken down communication barriers between cultures, it has also contributed to the cultural uniformity of our societies. By exploring the question of Internet as a media, I want to reach an understanding of how the globalization shapes the vision of the world.


I will conduct a secondary research to fully understand concepts such as globalization and uniformity through Internet — and theirs impacts. Then, I will sketch different proposals while directly prototyping; thus research through making. I will hold several tests at a smaller scale, then as its real scale.

Predicted Resolutions:

I aim to produce an interactive installation that put the audience as an actor: individual balls floating in the air will communicate with one another via a wireless connection. As I’ve said, the Internet has spread throughout the world. Individuals are connected and information spreads back and forth freely. People act as intermediaries for information, and the instant the information spreads, the world unites. All individuals can freely and simply transmit information; the individual acts as an intermediary that transmits the information to the world, transforming it in an instant. (These are from teamLab, I can’t explain better…!)



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