Social Things_04 ↓ Second Prototype

So here the sensors I borrowed.


I had to connect it using Bluetooth with OSC, added to MAX/MSP. Thank Nicolas who made these super useful patches ↓↓↓

Accelerometer – YES/NO

I wired it to the Arduino and I just read its values with Serial Monitor – nothing special but in case someone wants the code (I hope the picture is clear enough for the wiring part, I don’t have any plans to share sorry!)  ↓↓↓

int x;
int y;
int z;

void setup() {

void loop() {
 x = analogRead(A0);
 Serial.print("value x ");
 y = analogRead(A1);
 Serial.print("value y ");
 z = analogRead(A2);
 Serial.println("value z ");


While I didn’t for sure make full use of them, the results I got weren’t satisfying. In fact, I don’t enjoy the handling of these – even though I did say I wanted the user to fully (inter)act with the sensors, aka with gestures. Both actually can be manipulated with small moves, but the in-air gestures aren’t something I envision as specifically meditative. It would have been great if my intention was to make a wearable device, but my idea of meditation is actually equal to a pause of movements –when you immerse in and face your mind.

I’m still lacking that specific interaction to go along with my meditation concept, and I have difficulty to see the output of its: I’m hesitating between a screen with generated visuals, or lights?

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