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I had a great time this summer crafting my object! I’m posting it in one go but I recall I may have spent 1-2 weeks in total for the final making.

My main obstacle was to find out how to make the wavy shape. Thankfully, Nathalie from the 3D workshop is full of tricks. She told me that bending wood is a whole another level of difficulty, but that I could take a different approach about its. We started by laser-cutting the sides in their wavy shapes, and forced a very thin layer of wood on the top to bend over the cut shapes.

I don’t know if it makes sense, so here are some explanatory pictures ↓

Social Things_10 ↓ Making
My first plan, vastly corrected by Nathalie. I’m definitely not a 3D person, but I try.


Social Things_10 ↓ Making 9
Nathalie’s sketches. It’s basically a box in two parts. She recommended MakerCase to generate my plans and then adjust them on Illustrator for the wavy part – super useful, I didn’t have to think about the joints.


Social Things_10 ↓ Making 7
All the parts are cut and glued together. I unfortunately didn’t take any in-between pictures, but you can see the thin layer of the wood glued to the thicker sides – hence the shape shaped.
Social Things_10 ↓ Making 6
Pipe helping me with the scotching so that the glue stays put.


Social Things_10 ↓ Making 5
After deliberation (Nicolas, Betty and Pipe being the jurés), I decided to get rid of the bottom half. It was way too big compared to my expectations.


Social Things_10 ↓ Making 4
Thus, I made another bottom part to be able to close the box.


Social Things_10 ↓ Making 3
I re-tested the electronic part, since I changed the alu to copper tape – much more stable.


Time to sand, sand, sand.


I applied a black satin paint in 2-3 coats, and another satin finish coat on the top.

I also changed the Arduino and the MAX/MSP part. Gareth helped me out for the Arduino part – instead of just reading the pin number, we adjusted its to the speed being read between two pin numbers. Thus, I can use that number within MAX/MSP to play out different samples according to the speed.

It’s all ready and set for Ars Electronica 😎


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