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Here is my project at Ars Electronica ↓

At the beginning, a bad habit re-surfaced – my low-confidence self took over and I was really sick of my project. I guess it’s because I didn’t have any feedback of the updated version of the project, since the version I submitted was a prototype finalized in its concept but not in its form. Those last steps were made during the summer, and I didn’t get to meet or talk to many people during that span of time.

Seeing everyone pretty confident about their own projects and happily talking about its, forced myself to reach to the audience – despite my hesitations. Also, my cohort was a good support in that – it’s always scary to putting yourself out there, at least for me.

Turn out my project was more easily understood than expected, and I got some good feedbacks. It seems it’s definitely relaxing, and most of the audience got right away the concept of the scroll gesture or at least why I did that. I guess the title “DO IT RIGHT, DO IT SLOW” helped in that, as well as the actual shape of the object…? At least, that’s what I got.

I hope there will be opportunities to continue exhibiting my object – and definitely take it further. I think I already said that in a previous post, but I want to make it as a modular synth instead of simply playing samples. Also, get rid of the Mac Mini part to make it self-sufficient. It’s too bad MAX/MSP isn’t supported by Raspberry Pi, but I guess Pure Data would take over then.

It’s my last entry blog as a student for that project, but it is to be continued 🙂

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