Notes ↓ Ars Electronica

It was such an amazing week that I need to retire from the IRL world a bit to reflect – and finish off my FMP. Well, this is hence the time to write some words about it.

In every festival – especially at a scale such as Ars Electronica – you are bound to go “Huh?”, get impressed, eventually dislike, and finally simply get struck by particular ones. The energy of Ars Electronica itself was very good, and I’m glad we had the opportunity to experience this. I definitely feel this brought up the cohort together, and I hope we will use that energy to pull off an amazing graduate show in a little more than 2 months. I’m starting to get a little bit sad to graduate, although I have long waited for that moment 🙃

Anyways, I can’t detail the whole trip but here are my two biggest impressions ↓


Nyloïd is a sound sculpture made by the brothers André and Michel Décosterd under the name Cod.Act. I first saw it while the artists were setting it up, and it’s definitely mesmerizing. The simplicity of the execution – at least, that’s the impression it gives from the output – got me.

Even if you might not particularly like it, it definitely get you a reaction. It’s pretty interesting to see how it differs from one to another person, and discuss your different impressions. In my case, I found it simply soothing for reasons I can’t explain. It’s also when the technology manages to get past its wow factor, and open up to its own materiality – I really appreciate that.

Robot, Doing Nothing

(I like the title.) Robot, Doing Nothing is an installation directed by Emmanuel Gollob and Johannes Braumann, with the collaboration of Michael Schweiger and Chris Noelle.

It looks supra complicated, but it isn’t doing anything useful. If I remember correctly – this is a speculative scenario – it is encouraging the act of doing nothing as a new way to be efficient in society, by meditating with the installation. Here, the wow factor is definitely exploited and hijacked in a critical pov.

I kind of relate since my project also portrays a stance on meditation, although mine would be particularly focused on un-addiction. It gets me to the question of meditative technology – and intentionaly or not would be my biggest question mark.

But, that’s not the coolest. The coolest is that both were exhibited just a step away from the Campus part we were at. It was super cool to casually walk by those every day to reach my own project. Almost normalizing how amazing it was.

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