FMP-2_03 ↓ R, G, B or Nothing

It’s gonna be a packed post, you are warned.

Firstly – I didn’t mention it in last week’s post, but I had an informal crit with part of the cohort.

We talked about our respective projects, and advised each other for the concept and its execution. We also started to talk about the space’s plan – I have learnt that we actually have the Well Gallery, which is great! It also helps for my project to know which space I can use. I was suggested the space below the stairs at the Well Gallery, which is a pretty interesting area that I can maybe exploit.

Nothing is firmly planned for now, but it’s good to know where we are going – not only individually, but as a group putting our FMP-s together.

After that, I updated my sketch and here it is what it looks like now ↓

Following-up was the show meeting with Ben Branagan and Tobias. The meeting served as estimating each project’s technical needs.

Mine should be pretty straightforward in its execution. I explained that I’m gonna have analog controllers linked to a ground-projection – purposely to create an anti-familiar environment. The difficulty might lie in the ground-projection, thus I should put a distance to avoid its to be obstruct. I was also thinking of 3D print the objects, but advice is that I should think of the haptic – hence, use wood.

Although the execution is somewhat estimated, the form and the content are yet to be defined. This is exactly the focus of next day, as I had a tutorial with Tobias. Advice is that I should definitely focus on the content first, the rest will follow later. Well, form follows function so… Touché. We talked about how I could use visuals to re-create the web-surf experience, and he showed me references such as I Am Google by Dina Kilberman.

As usual, I mindmapped the main points + some others I didn’t detail here ↓

I added a point that made my friend Osama. I actually regularly call my friends to talk about my FMP – pretty much after each tutorial to reflect out loud, and the point he made was pretty valid so I highlighted that here. Even though I should focus on the content then followed up by the form, I better have a concise idea of the gestures – at least.

Last point – from my tutorial with Tobias, I imagined a Google gradient Images experience using RGB as variables for the controllers ↓

FMP-2_03 ↓ First Tutorials 4

I got this idea from Pete’s suggestion last week, and from a visual experiment I did some time ago ↓

🎶 slugabed − I Luv U & I Miss U I'M GRADIENT

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I talked with Gareth about the feasibility to use Google Images API with RGB variables. The API isn’t updated anymore so I better use the Custom Search API. He told me that it might be tricky, except if I cheat with CSS. That’s what I thought, the options seems to be limited to pre-chosen colors.

By cheating, I kinda lose the meaning in aimlessly surfing around. I’m thinking about time and geolocalisation as it seems possible with most APIs, and it is also much more meaningful and relevant on the WWW, rather than trying to satisfy my aesthetics. In the end, what meaning holds web surfing for me?

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