FMP-2_04 ↓ The Machinery or Nothing

This week is a dilemma.

While digging the Custom Search API and its possibilities, I thought about what web surfing meant to me – an aimless re-creative re-creation. But how relevant is it to re-create that same experience with visuals? I’m afraid the audience won’t find anything surprising in its, especially if they aren’t digging that type of imagery. That’s why I started to think about an end-goal rather than an aimless output, and I came up with this Wikipedia prototype ↓

As you might know or not, if you always click on the first link of any Wikipedia article, you’ll end up reaching the Philosophy article. There is even an article about its. While I was editing this video, I instantly knew that it wasn’t working for my project, but I still think there is something about an end-goal that I should take account of.

My another worry is that it might be too literal to take the WWW as my content. Maybe I should think of another type of visual universe? I presented my dilemma to Eva and Nicolas during this Monday’s tutorial, plus the gestures / objects I’m thinking of for now. As always, here is the mindmap + the sketch ↓

As I was hesitating between these two options, they told me that I should look up more to a third option where I wouldn’t focus on any digital content – at least not with that type of aesthetics, or it can always be used as the source. As my objects are taking their importance, I should concentrate on the machinery I’m aiming to create. The pianocktail from L’Écume des Jours is a good example ↓

I guess my worries were founded. Although I do feel lost, it’s better than to keep going in a direction that I actually don’t enjoy. The day after, I had a tutorial with Nicolas. Here is the mindmap ↓

We talked about what I actually wanted people to learn from the Internet. As I talked about the aimless re-creation at the beginning of this post, I think I’m going towards the discovery side of its. The exploration is only aimless in its process but always ends up with the discovery. How do I re-create the feeling of discovery through my content?

Nicolas showed me few examples of projects that materialized the Internet. For instance, the Telluric Telecospe by alumni Simone Ciocoiu is an interesting approach of the sense of discovery using Youtube. We also talked about the possible use of Twitter’s API, but I’m considering others options for now. I don’t think Twitter suits my message. This is far to be my favorite platform – imo it’s over-cluttered to make sense of anything happening in there.

We also talked about how the Internet is somewhat physical – we aren’t swiping in the air but still on a screen, right!, and derived about the lack of visibility through that global network. The question of Internet’s transparency is controversial in the age of mass surveillance. Reminds me of the book/essay/fanzine Black Transparency by Metahaven, which I can only recommend.

Last point – I might go back to the pataphysics, which I actually mentioned in my first mindmap. Time to re-read my Thesis research a bit!

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